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I am fascinated by social change and the intersection of policy with technology. Whether at the global governance or local governance level, I am interested in how to achieve policy change to alleviate inequalities, especially as it relates to the perpetration of violence. I strongly believe in the power of technology in improving policymaking and visa versa.

While I have experience in many policy areas (small business/startup, global trade, security, environment, healthcare), my true passion is for any policy area as it takes into account our gendered political institutions. I aim to alleviate the barriers to equality in the public civil society sphere, the work place (especially tech or startup companies), and the private home.

I have always been a self-starter, which led me to complete the prestigious two-year Venture for America fellowship. VFA is a career accelerator for young entrepreneurs to join new, growing companies in economically stagnant business ecosystems. While completing this fellowship, I helped lead two respective creative agencies in the visual and branding space, working with new startups to grow their companies leveraging the latest, most-innovative digital technologies. 

I founded my first company at the age of 19 to prompt social action and revitalize the art therapy program at Shriners' Hospital for Children. As a life-long patient of Shriners and supporter of pediatric art therapy, I built an online platform to spur community engagement between artists and customers. I furthered this cause by working with a similarly-minded NGO at the largest pediatric hospital in South America in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I graduated cum laude and with honors from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in Economic History. Currently, I am earning my master's in Gender, Policy, and Inequalities at the London School of Economics and Political Science's (LSE) Gender Institute. My policy speciality is on women in politics globally, but I am particularly interested in critical gender defense theory and systemic barriers to women in politics in the US context.

I am an avid writer, policy guru, and espresso aficionado. You can find me in one of London's many local coffee shops listening to the BBC's podcast, reading the Economist cover to cover or writing my bi-weekly TinyLetter (sign up below!). I also enjoy racing classic formula one cars and doing yoga.

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